Today we hiked 3.3 miles from Davenport Gap Shelter to Standing Bear Farm, where my mother sent chocolate no-bake oatmeal cookies, and my friend Jordan’s cousin Vicky sent me pictures of the upcoming trail along with a map of southwest Virginia and an invitation to a camping trip. The day off was well-needed ever since my ankle developed a sharp pain this morning.

Curtis runs the place, which provides Internet access, hand-wash laundry, and resupply. I spent some time typing up my earlier journal entries but gave up pretty quickly. A hot shower and clean clothes are a nice bonus out here.

Curtis explained that in the morning, the Davenport Gap Shelter crew arrives, then around noon the Cosby Knob crew shows up, and sometimes people come in from TriCorner Shelter in the afternoon and evening, so he keeps everything open and available all day and night, completely honor system. At 4 or 5 he goes for a beer/dinner run for the hikers.

Ted and Ryan (The Brothers Not), Haggis, OD&CC, Turtlefast, and Little Bear were all from these shelters and came in throughout the day.

Another couple spent the day with us as well, taking 5 days for a short hike between school and work. The girl left the privy in terrible condition, and the guy didn’t really talk to us at all.

Tomorrow we hope to hit 30 miles for an easy day into Hot Springs. We’ll see how that does. The weather is crappy throughout the east coast.