Step 1

Gather a length of 1x3 and cut it into the appropriate lengths with a $10 plastic miter box, while being very careful to not mess up the carpet that you just put a $4000 security deposit on.

Step 2

Spend 4 hours whittling holes for the outlet and the on/off switch because the only thing you have in the apartment is a scalpel.

Step 3

Order a two-way observation mirror at your local glass store. With a raised eyebrow they will ask why you need it. It will take two weeks to arrive.

Step 4

Take apart an expensive 22” monitor and put it in the frame. This one cost $90 at Goodwill.

Step 5

Build a french cleat from scrap parts because your plastic miter box is only 4” across and the complete cleat set won’t fit.

Step 6

Spend the next three hours leveling the cleats and attaching them to the wall with toggle bolts. Hope it’s level. You only get one chance.