On Frambike’s downtube, right next to the bottom bracket, I have a scannable QR code containing my contact info, in case it’s lost or I need to prove it’s mine. However, my phone can’t make sense of a square QR code mapped onto the cylindrical tube. So I had to do some image processing.

This is a standard square QR code containing contact information. When wrapped around a tube, it becomes distorted and cannot scan.

Square QR Code
Square QR Code
Corrected QR Code
QR Code projected onto a cylinder. When wrapped around a tube, it appears square.
Downtube with QR Code
Here's what it looks like before glue and clearcoat.


rr=`convert $infile -ping -format "%[fx:w*57/90]" info:`
hh=`convert $infile -ping -format "%h" info:`
w2=`convert $infile -ping -format "%[fx:w/2]" info:`
ww=`convert xc: -format "%[fx:2*$rr*tan(0.5*90/57)]" info:`
ww2=`convert xc: -format "%[fx:$ww/2]" info:`
max=`convert xc: -format "%[fx:$rr*atan($ww2/$rr)+$w2]" info:`
convert -size ${ww}x1 xc: -monitor \
-fx "xx=(i-$ww2); ($rr*atan(xx/$rr)+$w2)/$max" +monitor \
-scale ${ww}x${hh}! tmp.png
time convert tmp.png $infile -monitor \
-fx "v.p{$max*u,j}" +monitor $1_corrected.jpg

In the shell:

~ $ ./icyl.sh Downloads/jenny.png
Mogrify/Image/Downloads[jenny.png]: 1 of 2, 100% complete
fx image[tmp.png]: 199 of 200, 100% complete

real    0m0.269s
user    0m0.333s
sys     0m0.017s